WebDialog displays an in-app webpage. WebDialog is not an Item. The browser is displayed as a separate, full screen view and not inline with the rest of your Zing project.

WebDialog is useful for displaying the login screen for web services, or for redirecting to general web content.

If it is being used for OAuth-style login, the applicationUrlScheme property can be used to define a completion URL for redirection to at the end of the logon flow.

function navigateTo(Url url)

static function WebDialog.navigateTo(Url url)

Open a new web dialog and navigate to the provided url.

function close()

Close the open web browser.

property Bool activeread only

The active property is true when the web dialog is being displayed, and false otherwise.

event dismissed()

The dismissed event occurs when the user dismisses the dialog. If you explicitly call close(), the dismissed event does not occur.

property String applicationUrlScheme

event applicationUrlRequested(Http.Request request)

These two properties allow you to register and handle custom application URL schemes. This is commonly used for interacting with websites through callbacks, such as when using OAuth authentication.