Extends TabView and Item


The Apple.SegmentedView element provides a segmented tab view.

Apple.SegmentedView is implemented by combining a TabView and an Apple.Segmented.

property Color tint

The tint color used by the Apple.Segmented element.

alias Apple.NavigationBar navigationBar

The Apple.NavigationBar instance used by this segmented view.

property Float segmentedWidth

The width of the Apple.Segmented element. Normally this is set automatically, but it can be overridden to modify the segment spacing if required.

extension alias Apple.Segmented.Segment Apple.SegmentedView.segment

An extension property that allows you to configure the Apple.Segmented.Segment used for the tab page.

Apple.SegmentedView {

    Rectangle {
        Apple.SegmentedView.segment.label: "Welcome"
        color: #C6E6F6