Url is a value type that represents either a local or network URL.

property Url local: "images/interface/background.png"
property Url network: "http://www.zingstudio.io/demos/random.jpg"

The general form a URL takes is:

scheme :// domain /path ? query # fragment

property String schemeread only

property String domainread only

property String pathread only

property String queryread only

property String fragmentread only

The scheme, domain, path, query and fragment components of the URL.

static function Url.percentEncoded(String string) → String

static function Url.percentDecoded(String string) → String

Returns a percent-encoded or decoded (also known as URL encoding) version of string.

Percent-encoding is used to encode information in a uniform resource identifier, and replaces all non-alphanumeric characters, except '-', '_', '.' and '~', with a percent sign followed by two hex digits. If string contains UTF-16 characters, it is converted to UTF-8 before encoding.