Int is a value type that can store a signed, 32-bit integer. That is, a whole number between -2147483648 and 2147483647.

If you need to store a number with a fractional component, use Float instead.


Integer arithmetic does not overflow, but is clamped to between Int.Min and Int.Max.

Literal syntax

An Int literal can be written directly.

property Int bankBalance: 0
property Int count: -12
property Int ulimateAnswer: 42

function format(String formatPattern) → String

Returns the integer formatted as a string using the format pattern.

The format pattern is explained in Float.format().

static function Int.random(Int min, Int max) → Int

Returns a random integer between min and max in the range [min, max).

static property Int Int.Minread only: -2147483648

static property Int Int.Maxread only: 2147483647

The minimum and maximum values representable by the Int type.