Extends Item


An iOS style button.

The following shows an example of a disabled and enabled button.

Apple.Button {
    label: "Button"

property Bool enabled: true

True if the button is enabled, otherwise false.

property String label

property Url icon

The button's label text and icon to show. A button can have an icon, a label, or both.

You can use any project image or symbol for the icon.

There are also 16 bespoke icons that correspond to the default button icons used in iOS. These are shown below.

These icons are found in the ":/Apple/Button" path, and are used like this:

Apple.Button {
    icon: ":/Apple/Button/reply"

property Float size: 18

property String font: "San Francisco"

The label font and font size.

property Float spacing: 2

The spacing between the button's icon and label when both are present.

property Color tint: #Apple.Tint

property Color disabledTint: #00000033

The button tint and disabled tint colors.

event activated()

Emitted when the button is activated.