Input.KeyNavigation.NavigateEvent is a value type that represents a navigation request.

The system passes navigate events to Input.KeyNavigation.navigateEvent() handlers.

See the Input.KeyNavigation documentation for more details.

property Input.KeyNavigation.NavigateEvent.Direction directionread only

The navigation request direction that generated this event.


A leftward navigation request.


A rightward navigation request.


A upward navigation request.


A downward navigation request.

property Input.KeyNavigation.NavigateEvent.Scope scoperead only

The scope property essentially represents the relationship between the item that Input.KeyNavigation.navigateEvent() was called on and the navigation target item.

This is a convenience property, as the same information could be determined manually by examining the navigation target item.


Both the focus item and navigation target item are proper descendents of the item that Input.KeyNavigation.navigateEvent() was called on.

This scope indicates that the navigation is occuring entirely "within" the item's children. As a general rule, NavigateWithin events should be allowed to proceed without external interference.


The navigation target item is not a proper descendent of the item that Input.KeyNavigation.navigateEvent() was called on.

This scope indicates that the user is navigating away from the current item. For NavigateOut events it is sometimes appropriate to override the automatically selected navigation target item and explicitly focus another item instead.


No automatically selected navigation target item was found.

This scope generally indicates that the user tried to navigate away from the current item, but the system couldn't find an appropriate target item to navigate to. For NavigateFailed events it is often appropriate to explicitly focus an item.

property Item focusItemread only

The currently focused item at the time the event was generated.

property Item navigationTargetItemread only

The proposed navigation target item, or null if no target item was automatically found.

The system will automatically focus the navigation target item if the NavigationEvent is not explicitly handled by your code. To explicitly handle the NavigationEvent, implement the Input.KeyNavigation.navigateEvent() delegate.