Extends Item


An iOS tab bar item.

Apple.TabBarItems are most commonly used within an Apple.TabBar container.

property Color tint: #Apple.Tint

property Color unselectedTint: #A2A2A2

The tint colors to use when the item is in the selected and unselected states.

Apple.TabBarItem {
    tint: #red

property String label

property Url icon

The tab bar item's label text and icon to show.

You can use any project image or symbol for the icon.

There are also 8 bespoke icons that correspond to the default tab icons used in iOS. These are shown below.

These icons are found in the ":/Apple/TabBar" path, and are used like this:

Apple.TabBarItem {
    label: "Downloads"
    icon: ":/Apple/TabBar/downloads"

property Bool selected: false

True when the item is selected, false otherwise.

When you are using tab bar items in an Apple.TabBar container, you should not set this property directly. Instead, you control the selected item in the tab bar using the Apple.TabBar.selected property.