Extends Item


PagedView provides a horizontal, paged model view of multiple pages that allows the user to swipe left and right between them. Each page in the PagedView is automatically sized to fill the view itself.

PagedView {
    Rectangle {
        color: #red
    Rectangle {
        color: #green
    Rectangle {
        color: #blue

Adding and removing pages

As shown above, each inline child item automatically becomes a PagedView page.

To add and remove additional pages using code, call the PagedView.addPage() and PagedView.removePage() methods.


The PagedView is only responsible for the horizontal paging. If you also need the individual pages to scroll, they need to either be wrapped in or contain a ScrollView.

PagedView {
    width: 320
    height: 480

    ScrollView {
        InfoPane {
            width: 320

    ScrollView {
        InfoPane {
            width: 320

property Bool scrollable: true

If true scrolling is enabled, and if false scrolling is disabled.

If scrolling is disabled the PagedView ignores touch interaction. You can still programatically change pages using the jumpToPage() and scrollToPage() methods.

property Int pageread only

property Int pageCountread only

The current page, and the number of pages in the view.

property PagedView.Orientation orientation: .Horizontal

The scroll orientation of the PagedView pages.


Horizontal pages that scroll left to right.


Vertical pages that scroll top to bottom.

property PagedView.PageIndicatorStyle pageIndicatorStyle: .None

Sets the appearance of the page indicator. You can also build custom indicators using the page and pageCount properties.


No page indicators are displayed.


Black page indicators are displayed.


White page indicators are displayed.

property Float pageIndicatorInset: 8

The inset, from the bottom of the view's safe area, at which the page indicator is shown.

property Float offsetread only

The scroll offset of the view.

function addPage(Item page)

function removePage(Item page)

Add and remove pages from the PagedView.

You can only remove a page that was previously added by calling addPage().

function jumpToPage(Int pageIndex)

Jump immediately to the specified page. If you would like to animate to a page, use scrollToPage() instead.

function scrollToPage(Int pageIndex)

Animate to the specified page. If you would like to jump immediately to a page, use jumpToPage() instead.

function jumpToFirstPage()

function jumpToLastPage()

function jumpToPreviousPage()

function jumpToNextPage()

Jump to the first, last, previous and next pages.

function scrollToFirstPage()

function scrollToLastPage()

function scrollToPreviousPage()

function scrollToNextPage()

Scroll to the first, last, previous and next pages.