Extends Item


An iOS Stepper control.

Apple.Stepper {
    value: 50
    minValue: 0
    maxValue: 100

property Int value: 0

The current stepper value.

property Apple.Stepper.Style style: .Default


An iOS 13 and later style stepper control.


An outline style stepper control.

property Int minValue: 0

property Int maxValue: 100

property Int stepValue: 1

The minimum and maximum stepper values.

The stepValue controls the step in value each time the increment or decrement button activates.

property Bool wrap: false

property Bool autorepeat: true

When wrap is false, the value will stop at the minValue and maxValue bounds, otherwise it will wrap around.

If autorepeat is true, pressing and holding the stepper will repeatedly alter the value.

property Color tint

property Color labelColor

property Color backgroundColor

The tint, labelColor and backgroundColor properties control the steppers's colors.

Apple.Stepper {
    tint: #purple