package com.zingworkshop.engine
public class ZingView extends android.view.ViewGroup

A view that displays and manages a Zing view stack inside a native Android application.


public ZingView(Context context)
public ZingView(Context context, AttributeSet attributes)

Construct a ZingView.

public boolean load(String module)
public boolean load(ZingObject object)

Loads a Zing module or object into the view.

public boolean isTranslucent()

Returns true if this view is configured to support translucency, false if not.

public void setTranslucent(boolean translucent)

Set whether the view is configured to support translucency or not.

public int backgroundColorArgb()
public backgroundColor()

Returns the current background color.

The default background color is black.

public void setBackgroundColor(int color)
public void setBackgroundColor( color)

Set the view's background color.

public void destroy()

Disposes of this Zing view and releases any system resources that it is using.