Build high-fidelity prototypes with simple visual editing and powerful code.


Here are some of our favourite Zing prototypes. What will you create?

Why Zing Studio?

Zing Studio is a complete app prototyping environment that makes creating high fidelity prototypes easier than ever.

Visual Editing

Design your interface using an intuitive visual designer to lay out your design elements. As you design, Zing keeps all of the layout code up to date.

State Machines

Zing's visual State Machines take the guesswork out of logic. 

Less code means less bugs.

Powerful Code

Using Zing's powerful code your prototypes can do just about anything.

It's simple, expressive and succinct.

Modular Design

Zing is designed around the concept of modular design. Build reusable elements to accelerate your prototyping.

Native Performance

Zing is powered by a highly optimised engine so your prototypes run at full native performance without all of the headaches.

Real Data

Hook into real data, photos and videos from your API so you can more easily design for the edge cases, not just the perfect scenario.

Smart Code Completion

Write code more quickly and easily with the help of the smart code completion in Zing Studio .

Full In-App Documentation

Extensive documentation and examples will get you up and running in no time. And if you do get stuck, the Zing community is ready to help.

Export Native Apps

Export your Zing app to Xcode or Android Studio and publish it as a native app.

Rectangle {
    color: #white

    Text {
        anchor center
        text: "Hello Zing!"

Code is not a dirty word

We believe in using the right tool for the job.

Zing Studio combines an easy to use visual editor for layout and design, a flexible state machine for defining logic, and a powerful coding model for sophisticated behavior.

This isn't three approaches hacked together, it is a single, harmonious whole.


Native Apps

What's the difference between a prototype and an app? Sometimes nothing!

With Zing, you can easily export your prototypes as Xcode or Android Studio projects, add native code where necessary, and publish them on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Ishtar Commander is an amazing Destiny companian app built with Zing, available for iOS and Android.

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